THE FIRST SEX: The Natural Talents of Women and How They are Changing the World

(Random House 1999)

Why can’t a man be just like a woman? Why can’t a woman be just like a man? Anthropologist Helen Fisher looks closely at gender differences in the brain and behavior, and there are many. Then she shows how—as women enter the work force in societies around the world–the female brain is changing our modern business, sex and family lives. Women think contextually, holistically—bringing a broad perspective, imagination, and fresh ideas to the work place. They are, on average, superior at long term planning, at dealing with ambiguity, at working in egalitarian groups and at seeking win-win solutions. They are, on average, more mentally flexible, better at many linguistic skills, and express more compassion. Men have many natural talents too. So Fisher proposes we are moving toward a collaborative society, in which the talents of both sexes are becoming understood, valued and employed. As she says, “Men and women are like two feet; they were built to put their heads together.”

The First Sex: published  in 14 countries

“striking…an original and often quite enjoyable book.”
— The New York Times Book Review

“Provocative…Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, synthesizes the insights of her own discipline and those of psychology, sociology, ethnology, and biology into a good news for women.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

Published in 13 foreign countries. Selected by the New York Times Book Review, as a “Notable Book of 1999.” 

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