Helen Fisher, PhD

Lovestruck: What Would Dr. Fisher Do?

The WoMed Podcast
February 17, 2023

It’s V-Day-Week! Your hosts are joined once again by sex scientist and one of Match.com’s Chief Scientific Advisors, Dr. Helen Fisher, to discuss personality styles and dating trends! She explains the 4 personality styles she’s identified and discusses the quiz that they all (and even Michael — and 15 million other people) took to figure out their style. Considered a TED All-Star, Dr. Fisher has over 21 million views on her talks, and today offers insight on new dating trends she’s seen from her annual Singles in America study. The 2022 study included questions about Roe v. Wade and inflation, which had notable results on people’s approach to dating. Speaking of love, Dani is on the move to Cleveland to be with Michael, and Jac may just have someone special that we get a little V-Day update on.

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Aspen Institute: Love, Sex and the Brain Podcast

What is it that pulls one person toward another, and connects them? What does love and attraction do to our brain, and vice versa? Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher has been studying questions of love and relationships for over 40 years. Through detailed data collection, research questionnaires and even brain scans, she has collected massive amounts of information on the topic, and identified four main styles of thinking that guide a person’s behavior and lovelife. Fisher is the chief scientist for Match.com, and a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute. In this 2017 interview from the Aspen Ideas Festival archives, Atlantic writer Olga Khazan talks to Fisher about why love takes so many different forms and trajectories, and looks so different for all of us. They cover attraction, romantic love, slow love, divorce, adultery and what keeps love alive.

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Love, sex aur dhokha: Laws and flaws of attraction

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher explains the science behind love, sex and cheating. She is a Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute and Chief Science Advisor to the Internet dating site Match.com. She has conducted extensive research and written six books on the evolution and future of human sex, love, marriage, gender differences in the brain and how your personality style shapes who you are and who you love. She is currently using her knowledge of brain chemistry to discuss the neuroscience of team building, business leadership and innovation.

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Kelly Corrigan: The Big Re-Frame – Love, Sex and Connection with Dr. Helen Fisher

Love, Sex and Connection with Dr. Helen Fisher

Let’s say this: the number one driver of happiness across time and culture is meaningful connection to others. So how do you get it and how do you keep it? Dr. Helen Fisher has been studying love for 5 decades. 5. That’s a lot of information. Share this conversation with the people you love. Tons of takeaways that you can integrate immediately.

Take Helen’s personality quiz and figure out who you are…and who you aren’t.

Funding for this episode was provided by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center as part of its “Expanding Awareness of the Science of Intellectual Humility” initiative, supported by the John Templeton Foundation.

Do Genes Affect Your Vote?

Were you an adventurous baby? Or were you risk averse? According to Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who studies genopolitics, your answers to those questions might also inform your politics. Host, John Donvan digs into the debate surrounding genes and early nurturing, and examines how they both might inspire a natural predilection to skew left or right.

Weird and Wonderful: What Really Attracts Us to Each Other?

Helen’s interview on The Aubrey Masango Show.

For tonight’s Weird and Wonderful we cross over to New York to be joined once again by Dr. Helen Fisher, PhD Biological Anthropologist, Senior Research Fellow The Kinsey Institute, Author, and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Internet dating site Match.com tonight talking about what really us attracts us to each other with the driving question: why do we keep getting it so wrong, as based on some of her internationally best-selling books that specialize in the science of why and how we love and the nature and chemistry behind it all.

Dating While Gray: The Older Brain On Love


Helen interviewed on North Carolina Public Radio

Remember the PSA that aired on TV for years, with the egg and the frying pan: This is your brain, this is drugs, this is your brain on drugs? It seems like love can be a lot like that, too, even when we’re older. But why? For answers, we turn to perhaps the premier expert on the brain and love: Helen Fisher. | Share your stories and questions at datingwhilegray@wunc.org.

In this episode, Laura sits down with biological anthropologist Helen Fisher to talk about the older brain on love. Topics include romantic love as a powerful drive, and ways men and women react the same – and differently – when they’re in love. Providing context to Helen’s research are listener stories from Mia, who became irrationally convinced an old college acquaintance was “the one,” and Linda, who experienced a breakup in her late 50s that left her feeling like she was back in junior high school, getting rejected by her crush.