Helen Fisher, PhD

Business Insider: Gen Z women are swearing off sex and entering their ‘celibacy era’

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Image by Tyler Le / Insider

  • Fed up with “dehumanizing” relationships with men, some Gen Z women are taking sex off the table.
  • The idea of a nonreligious “celibacy era” or “celibacy journey” is gaining steam on social media.
  • Though some women say it’s empowering and “healing,” experts say there may be downsides.

“When women say, ‘I don’t want anything to do with men,’ they’re giving up an opportunity,” agreed the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, who’s studied sex and dating for decades and is the chief science advisor for Match.com. “They’ve got very little to lose, and if they handle it properly, a great deal to win. I mean, they could win life’s greatest prize, which is an amazing partner.”

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