How The Pandemic Has Positively Affected Dating (

Originally posted at by Amber Brooks The Scoop: Dating has changed significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many singles now get to know potential partners by spending more time connecting through video chats and over the phone. Anthropologist and Advisor Helen Fisher said she thinks these changes will be permanent — and beneficial to future daters. […]Read More

Why do men seem more forgetful and women never forget?

      So many times I have begun reminiscing with a boyfriend about a holiday we shared, a movie we saw, or a trip we took—only to discover how little he remembered of the event.  While I could recall what I wore, what we discussed, where we went, even what we ate, it was all a blur to […]Read More

“Wha’ choo’ thinkin’?

I am not entirely sure why men hate it when women ask “what are you thinking.”   I used to do that quite a bit, actually, and I never really got anyone to answer.   But my twin sister and I have asked one another this question since we were small children.   We used to have a game called “now.”  And […]Read More


An acute sense of justice and fairness are traits linked with the testosterone system in the brain.  So Superman’s affiliation with the “Justice League of America” is an immediate tipoff to his personality type:  a high testosterone male, what I call the Director.  He also looks like a Director.  Testosterone builds muscle—one of Superman’s outstanding traits.  His angular jaw, high […]Read More


An anthropologist once asked a Kung Bushman living in a hunter/gatherer band in the grasslands of Botswana if he would marry a woman who was smarter than he was.  He replied, “Yes, because she’d make me smart too.”  Today 80% of singles say they “must have” or find it “very important” to have someone of the same […]Read More


Is “smart” sexy?  Singles think so.  Today some 80% of singles say they “must have” or find it “very important” to have someone of the same level of intelligence.   And 89% would make a commitment to someone who is “considerably” better educated or more intellectual than themselves.  Why do we want a smart partner?   Because intelligence comes with a […]Read More

“Money can’t buy love.”

“I don’t like money actually.  But it quiets my nerves,” said heavyweight boxer, Joe Louis.  We all like money, for many reasons.  But Singles today aren’t waiting for a fat wallet to win romance.  Indeed, when the 2012 survey asked over 5,000 Singles in America, “In what ways has the current economic situation affected your dating habits,” 60% […]Read More


William and Kate have chemistry!  They are perfect for one another–from the biological perspective. They both appear to be Explorers — novelty seeking, curious, creative people naturally expressive of the dopamine system in the brain.  As William summed up their mutual outlook on life:  “I like space and freedom.”  Brother Harry agrees,  recently saying, “He’s a wild thing.”  From my […]Read More