Powerful independent women

For: Women’s History Month

Women have come a long way back–back to the days before farm living, when women in gathering/hunting societies were highly independent and powerful, economically, socially and sexually.  Gone are the customs of our farming past, when women were denied an education and were married off as virgins ‘til death do they part. Our annual Match.com study vividly shows the rise of this new (and ancient) woman.   Today’s women are demanding help from a partner in child rearing and household duties.  Most want their own bank account, nights out with girlfriends, their own personal space…and orgasms! Today’s women believe they can have a successful career and a happy relationship. And they are getting it–stepping to the head of the class, the office and the home, regaining their ancestral ways.  And men approve.  This Singles in America study clearly illustrates that men admire working women.  Men are even comfortable with a woman asking them out and a female partner who has had more sex partners than themselves. Relationships have changed more in the past 50 years than in the past 10,000 years.  Today both men and women have the time, the technology, the education—and the growing equality–to make a relationship last.  Both sexes have much to celebrate during Women’s History Month.