Helen Fisher, PhD

Lovestruck: What Would Dr. Fisher Do?

The WoMed Podcast
February 17, 2023

It’s V-Day-Week! Your hosts are joined once again by sex scientist and one of Match.com’s Chief Scientific Advisors, Dr. Helen Fisher, to discuss personality styles and dating trends! She explains the 4 personality styles she’s identified and discusses the quiz that they all (and even Michael — and 15 million other people) took to figure out their style. Considered a TED All-Star, Dr. Fisher has over 21 million views on her talks, and today offers insight on new dating trends she’s seen from her annual Singles in America study. The 2022 study included questions about Roe v. Wade and inflation, which had notable results on people’s approach to dating. Speaking of love, Dani is on the move to Cleveland to be with Michael, and Jac may just have someone special that we get a little V-Day update on.

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