Helen Fisher, PhD

National Singles Week

Hail to my single friends on National Singles Week.  I’m among you.  And I’m not alone.  Some 50.2 percent of all adult Americans are now single.  And we rock—as is clear from the Match.com 2013 Singles in America study of all Americans, not the Match membership. 

Some 65% of us “work out” at least once a week. Over 80% of us save our money for a rainy day–or a great vacation.  And 65% of us are out one to two nights a week with friends.  We are on the move. 

We are also hip.  Over 50% of us think about sex every day; 39% of us have dated someone we met on line; and the vast majority of those of reproductive age want to tie the knot.  

But what is most impressive about my fellow Singles is what they seek in a partnership. They are shedding the racism and religious bigotry of myriad past generations to seek a far more intimate relationship. Today 74% of singles would date someone from a different ethnic background; 70% of singles would date someone with different religious beliefs; and only14% would marry for money.  Instead, over 95% of singles—men as well as women—say it’s “very important” to find a mate who respects them, whom they can trust and confide in, who can communicate his/her needs, and who makes them laugh. And what do they want to do with a beloved?  travel!   Singles are optimistic too:  89% believe they can stay married to the same person forever. 

And macho men are history.  Over 86% of men would date a woman who makes considerably more money, is much better educated and is far more intellectual than themselves.  Cougars aren’t on the prowl either: 76% of single women would not make a committed relationship with a man who is 10 years younger.  Instead, women want their wings—more time to spend with friends; more space in a partnership to pursue their interests.  

Everyone wants life to be meaningful; today’s Singles also want life to be fun.  I’ll play my part on National Singles Week. I’m heading off to buy some hot shoes to wear with my skinny jeans.