Helen Fisher, PhD


William and Kate have chemistry!  They are perfect for one another–from the biological perspective. They both appear to be Explorers — novelty seeking, curious, creative people naturally expressive of the dopamine system in the brain.  As William summed up their mutual outlook on life:  “I like space and freedom.”  Brother Harry agrees,  recently saying, “He’s a wild thing.” 

From my studies on Chemistry.com, I have found that two Explorers are naturally drawn to one another.  And they make an exiting and effective team.  Explorers love to learn; they have many interests; and they are high energy, flexible, adventurous; and interested in sex.   He likes to fly helicopters.  She is a daring skier.  Both have found a partner who will work and play just as hard and creatively as they had always dreamed. 

But William and Kate also appear to have some differences in biology that will enhance their love for one another.  As well as being primarily an Explorer, William is naturally expressive of the estrogen system in the brain—what I call a Negotiator.  Indications of this are what he calls his guiding principles: “honesty,” “authenticity,” “thoughtfulness” and “caring.”  These are the ideals of a Negotiator.  Moreover, he once slept on the street in London to call attention to the homeless; and he is already involved in over 21 charitable organizations.  Diana wanted William to be a “people’s king.”  He’s built for it.

Kate is different. Like many female world leaders, she expressed more of the testosterone system—what I call a Director. She was a tomboy as a child, as well as a star athlete; and she still plays tennis and other competitive, action-oriented sports—indications of testosterone priming in the womb. She is also an amateur photographer, an interest that requires the spatial skills of the high testosterone type.  She goes to the gym every day—boosting levels of testosterone. And she is highly disciplined with what she eats (beans, salads, salmon and barbeque). Self discipline is another outstanding trait of the Director. Prince Charles has remarked of Kate, “She’s not like other girls; she never complains about bad weather.”  Indeed, Kate has also been called “formidable” and “self assured,” more traits of this biological type. The Director and Negotiator are also particularly drawn to one another, as well as nicely matched.  In this case, Kate will be a bold, inventive, analytical, fair and loyal voice on the pillow of her future king.  And with his compassion, imagination and romantic traits, William will be a supportive and charming teammate to this beautiful, dynamic forthcoming queen.