Helen Fisher, PhD

Endless swiping and scrolling: Are we suffering from dating app burnout?

Singletons say they are fed up with endlessly scrolling for potential partners.  It could be because our brains are not built for bingeing

Irish Examiner
by Aine Kenny
January 27, 2023

To anyone born after 1990, meeting a partner online is just as normal as meeting in real life. But online dating, particularly apps, has only been around a relatively short time when one looks at the world’s grand history of love.

The first online dating site Match.com was launched in 1995. Geolocation-based Grindr was set up in 2009, swiping app Tinder launched in 2012, with Bumble appearing on the app store in 2014. In just over a decade apps have revolutionised how we meet potential life partners.

But are we growing disillusioned with this technology already?

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