Helen Fisher, PhD

Holiday Breakups

The holiday season can be very difficult for those in new relationships. You can become embarrassed at how your partner acts around your relatives. Or you show up at his/her family event and everyone ignores you—even your partner.  Some partners even vanish into their family world, forgetting you entirely.  So it’s not surprising that some 76% of singles we have polled at Match.com have broken up with someone over the holidays.  Moreover, 30% say it was their partner’s family that turned them off.  During these mid winter festivities, people show new sides to themselves, catering to acquaintances and accommodating to family—not always to you.   But come January, the peak season for dating, men and women get back to basics: finding The One.  Match.com sees a 25-30% increase in new members–with more than 2 million users logging in more than 30 million times during the first week of the new year.  As obligations recede, the drive to love—and to be loved–return.