Helen Fisher, PhD

The irresistible golfer: why?

Golf is the ultimate gentleman’s game — and women crave a gentleman.  In the bedroom, with her parents, with their future children, in almost any social situation: women want a gent.  And to play the game of golf well, you need to be patient, calm under pressure, well dressed, orderly, and honorable — because golf runs on the honor system.  Golfers are expected to follow the rules — even when no one is watching.  What a wonderful trait for raising babies or just sharing life.  But golfers come with more perks.  Golf is also a social game; one rarely plays alone.  So golfers tend to enjoy social situations, and have ‘people skills’ — indeed, golfers are often charming in a group.  Last, golfers offer prized trait: time.  Golfers can pull themselves away from the desk to relax; they chose to spend that precious time out-of-doors in elegant surroundings; they have a passion; and they have enough money to enjoy their passion. Who wouldn’t want a gracious, elegant, honorable and financially stable squire who will spend his time relaxing — with you.